Canon CS5600F Color Image Scanner (2925B002)

rate 4.1
  • Brand: Canon
  • Category: Scanner
  • interface: USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
  • max document size: 8.5" x 11.7"

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  • Zero warm up time and lower power consumption with white LED
  • New "auto scan mode" automatically adjusts settings by detecting where you are scanning
  • High-speed letter-size color scanning in approximately 11 seconds
  • File multi-page documents easily with the enhanced ODF feature

Technical Details


CanoScan 5600F


Scanner Type
Image Sensor
Light Source
White LED (reflectives), CCFL Lamp (film)
Resolutions, Optical
9600 x 4800 dpi
Resolutions, Interpolated
19200 x 19200dpi
Color Depth
Max. Document Size
8.5" x 11.7"
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
Operating Systems Supported
Windows Vista, Windows XP/2000 and Mac OS X v10.3.9 to v10.5.x

Physical Spec

10.7" x 19.4" x 3.8"
9.5 lbs.


White LED, Zero warm-up time, Automatic Document Recognition, 7 EZ Buttons, Auto Dust & Scratch Reduction, Backlit Film Scan, Fading/Grain/Backlight Correction, Auto Scan Mode, Convenient Filing Function (PDF Function), PDF Password, Gutter Shadow Correction, High-Speed Scanning


Package Contents
CanoScan 5600F 
Power Cord 
USB Cable 
Film Guide:
35mm film strip/mounted slides 
Documentation kit:
Setup Software & User's Guide CD-ROM
Quick Start Guide


Manufacturer Product Description This is high-performance scanning at its best. The high-luminance white LED lamps use less power and enable scanning immediately after you press the power button. Seven EZ Buttons automate the scanning process – so it’s simple to scan, copy and create emails and multi-page PDFs. To make it even easier, the new Auto Scan Mode detects your type of original, then scans and saves it with the optimal settings. How fast? A letter-sized color scan takes only about 11 seconds.


CanoScan 5600F Color Image Scanner:

  • 4800 x 9600 dpi for spectacular detail and clarity.
  • Seven EZ Buttons let you do what you want with your original.
  • To reduce the number of wires in your work area, two simple cable provides power and a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed connection.


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The built-in backlight and included film guide let you simultaneously scan up to six negative frames or up to four 35mm slides. View larger

You’re going to love the results, with outstanding color dpi resolution up to 4800 x 9600. Built-in FARE™ 3.0 retouching technology helps to enhance your final images, even correcting for dust, scratches, and backlighting on photos. For convenience, you can batch-scan up to six 35mm frames or four 35mm slides at once, and scanning of medium-format slides is supported as well


No Warm-Up / Low Energy Usage
Thanks to the high luminance white LED light source, the unit is ready to scan whenever you are, with zero warm-up time. Plus, the advanced LED light source quickly switches to standby mode after scanning, saving energy.

High-Quality Imaging
The CCD scanning element produces high-quality 4800-dpi scans, and is the same CCD technology found in digital cameras.

Push-Button Simplicity
Seven EZ Buttons let you do what you want with your original. So, scan it in color or B&W. Scan and save it, or copy it (sending a scanned image to your printer). Create a PDF of a multi-page original, customize your own settings, or for the ultimate in simplicity, just press the "Scan" button and let the CS5600F take care of everything. Whichever button you press, the process is simple.

Smart Scanning
The new Auto Scan feature makes scanning anything even easier than before. It actually detects the type of original you’re scanning — whether it’s a photo, business card, personal notebook or form — then automatically scans, processes and saves the image in the appropriate format. All at the press of just one button.



Scan Film and Slides
The built-in backlight and included film guide let you simultaneously scan up to six negative frames or up to four 35mm slides.

Just Two Wires
To reduce the number of wires in your work area, two simple cables provide power and a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed connection.




K. Lee 5.0
90 of 95 people found the following review helpful
Just received it today and spent several hours with it. I am replacing an old $600 HP scanner with this and am very happy with the improvement so far.I am using a dual boot XP 32bit / Vista 64bit configuration with 3.1gig amd x2 cpu and 4gig ram.So far it works perfectly under Vista 64bit. I downloaded the appropriate drivers and software and did not use the CD. Canon warns that it may not work with another USB cable, I tried a 6ft Belkin and it worked fine. The HP would not work with anything o ... ther than the short one they sent. The software and the front panel buttons work with no problems. I've had little problem learning the software without using the manual which is a good indication of how easy it is if you've some experience already. It scans negatives far better than the HP ever did. The photo scans are far better also. I like the software touch ups so far, but need a lot more time with it to have a final thought there. Thia scanner is far far better than the HP. I have a Cannon printer and have had no need to call their customer support so far. When I tried to get updated drivers for the Hp scanner, I and many others were told that they would not support Vista at all. Considering the $600+ cost of the scanner and the large number of them still in use, I feel that this shows the sorry state of HP's customer support. That is why I have gone over to Canon for both my printer and scanner. I'll not buy anything HP ever again. More >
macnmaine 5.0
82 of 87 people found the following review helpful
I bought this scanner because I have many 20-25 year old slides I'd like to scan then throw away to reduce clutter. It was simple to set up and the results are better than I expected. Photos work much better than my HP 4 in 1. It will also scan negatives, though not quite as well as slides.It was hard to find a scanner that would scan slides and work on a Mac. This does both very well.
Z. Hoff 5.0
48 of 49 people found the following review helpful
**This scanner is exceptional.** It has several access levels. My favorite way is through the ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5 image manipulation program that comes with the scanner.To access this, Open ArcSoft, then select [File] and then click on [Acquire] to access the ScanGear menu that allows up to 1200 dpi for paper scanning and up to 9600 dpi for film and a host of other manipulation choices for scanning which is way more than necessary. A good choice is up to 600 dpi for paper and no more than 16 ... 00 dpi for film. Higher dpi scans take a "LOT" longer to scan.However, remember digital scanning is nothing like print film photography. Rarely does a color scan look totally correct. So, after the image is scanned, one may need to change it. An easy way is to click on [Enhance] and then [Auto Enhance] after the scan is complete. Then one can select from several image changing choices. This can be done several times. There are a host of other image changing choices that come with this software as well. **Don't forget that negatives and slides are different. Be sure to select the correct film or slide options!** If one gets a twain error that says the scanner is not connected, and the scanner IS properly connected, this could indicate that the twain driver may have a problem. I have never been able to correct a "MAJOR" twain error without reinstalling my Windows 2000 operating system. If one reloads their operating system be sure to back up your files. Always! Stop a memory stick and make sure it says it can be safely removed or the recent files may not be saved properly. And most important of all. Always! Check to make sure the files are on a CD/DVD or Memory stick. Especially if the files were transferred from a different computer, The user may not have sufficient permission to copy the files and sometimes the computer will not tell them the files were not correctly saved. Canon has been in the photo business for a very long time and has always treated me more then fairly. I purchased this scanner to scan my slides. The cheapest I could get just 119 slides put on CDs was about $75.00. So I bought this scanner for a few dollars more. I have used this scanner to scan my 4.5 cm by 6 cm print films by sliding them under the slide guide sideways. Note: 4.5 cm = approximately 1 5/8 inches wide. I put a big push pin in the wall over my desk and I hang the film guide on it when not in use. One last thing. this scanner is fairly large, but it does a lot. If one wants a smaller scanner and does not need to scan films, then one of the Canon LiDE scanners may be more appropriate if size is important. I have a Canon LiDE 35 which is very good, but it is an older model. I think the latest model is the Canon LiDE 200. More >
Eli C. 4.0
I actually bought this item for my Mother-in-law, who is not at all tech-savvy. The latest driver software was easy for me to find on the Canon web site and installed on the computer without difficulty. The scanner produces high-quality scans, from either photos or slides, using software that even non-tech people can follow just fine. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because I don't have much experience actually using it. But SHE says she likes it, which, coming from her, means quite ... a lot! More >